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Tweakbox Pandora++ is considered to be one of the best music streaming apps for the iOS devices. This app is only restricted to use in the US. It gives you an user friendly music library which lets you to find all the best songs and to stream your favourite music. But though, it comes with several features, yet there are limitations with the app. But fortunately, the original iOS Pandora has an updated tweaked version, Tweakbox Pandora++, which has all the premium features. Tweakbox Pandora++ allows you to stream your favourite music with no hindrances since there are no ads. Tweakbox Pandora++ gives you high quality music streaming and your favourite music can be easily downloaded with this tweaked version. Tweakbox Pandora++ lets you to access the restricted features as it is available to use it in any country. It has a prime feature like the no delay button skip and no 180 minutes timeout to let the users to stream and listen to their favourite music all the time. It even gives you suggestions of the same type of songs the user listens to.

Tweakbox app store is a place from where you can download all types of third party apps and Pandora++ music streaming app is easily available in the store. There is no tension of jailbreaking your iOS device to download the Tweakbox app installer. Tweakbox is the best alternative of Cydia which was popular among the iOS users before Tweakbox. But with Cydia, the main problem was that it needed to be jailbroken. But in the case for Tweakbox, it provides you the same features as Cydia, without letting you to jailbreak your iOS device. Tweakbox app store has a wide variety of apps, games, and softwares for the iOS users. Tweakbox has many subsidiary apps under it such as Tweakbox Apps, Flash Apps, Tweakbox Special, etc.

Steps to download Tweakbox Pandora++

Some simple steps are needed to be followed to download the Tweakbox Pandora++ app :-

Open and browse in the Safari browser and download Tweakbox app installer.

Wait till the app finishes to get downloaded.

Go to the Settings. Open the General settings option. Next, go to the Device Management. Tap ”Trust Tweakbox”.

Run the Tweakbox app store.

Search for the Pandora++ app and download the first suggestion shown to you.

To allow it download, again, you have to go to settings and “Trust Pandora++” as well.

Download the Pandora++. Install and run it to enjoy its features.

Download Tweakbox

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