TweakBox Happy Chick

Tweakbox Happy Chick is a type of game emulator that is used to play different classic games on your device. Tweakbox Happy Chick is one of the most loved game emulators because of its great features and the interface being as lucid as possible. Tweakbox Happy Chick is compatible  mostly with all the operating system. Thus, you can download and install Tweakbox Happy Chick for Android and iOS devices and very soon for windows as well.Tweakbox Happy Chick is the most preferred game emulator for most of the gamers out there, and even the general people.

If you want to relive those precious moments of the original Mario in your device or play the iconic and classic games of that generation without purchasing and setting up the whole console and worry about the connections, the Tweakbox Happy Chick game emulator is the best option to download. The best thing about the emulator is that you don’t have to purchase games separately to play them using the emulator since all games are free. Tweakbox Happy Chick is legit and no laws are broken by downloading it and using it to play games on your androids or tablet or any compatible devices, unlike other similar emulators. You can as well as download it for iOS devices with ease.

Features of Tweakbox Happy Chick

  • Wide range of game format is supported- The game emulator can be used to run different types of game formats such as arcade(MAME/FBA), GBA, GBC, MD, SFC (SNES), FC (NES), PSP, NDS, PS1, N64, and DC simulation of the game console.
  • Large collection of games- With this emulator, you are accessible to a collection of more than thousand free classic games that you can have a choice from and can download it to run on the emulator in your device.
  • Easy download- Tweakbox Happy Chick provides high downloading speed and will work better if you have a high speed internet connection. You can download more than two games at a time, without comprising the download speed.
  • Multi platform support- Tweakbox Happy Chick can run on almost all the operating system and on any device out there.

Steps to download Tweakbox Happy Chick

If the game emulator is to be downloaded for an iOS device, it will need to get jailbroken. So, to download it without jailbreaking, a third party app installer like Tweakbox is required. The steps to download Tweakbox Happy Chick are :-

  • Open Safari and search for Tweakbox. Find Tweakbox and keep it to get downloaded.
  • After getting downloaded, go to the Settings, then General Settings, then tap on Device Management option and tap on Trust to permit the app to get installed.
  • After installation is over, open Tweakbox. Search for Happy Chick. Find it and download it.
  • After downloading, again your device will ask to permit the game emulator. Follow the same procedure as done for Tweakbox.
  • Install it, and enjoy the gaming features of the emulator by playing various classic games.

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