Tweakbox Deezer++

TweakBox Deezer++ is the mod/tweaked version of the original Deezer app. Similar to the original version of Deezer, Deezer++ also allows the iOS users to listen and stream their favourite songs without any complication. This modified version of Deezer has a wide range of songs for the users to stream and has its interface in a categorized manner, making it catchy and simple. The main difference between original Deezer and Deezer++ is that, in the tweaked version, you can use all the features of the app even after the end of trail period.

Tweakbox Deezer++ is indeed one of the top pick music apps for the iOS users. The offline mode available with Tweakbox Deezer++ is more stable, as compared to the original Deezer. In Deezer,the offline mode often crashes or doesn’t respond. In Tweakbox Deezer++, you can create your own personalized list and add songs there.



Tweakbox app store is a place from where you can download all types of third party apps and Deezer++ music streaming app is easily available in the store. There is no tension of jailbreaking your iOS device to download the Tweakbox app installer. Tweakbox is the best alternative of Cydia which was popular among the iOS users before Tweakbox. But with Cydia, the main problem was that it needed to be jailbroken. But in the case for Tweakbox, it provides you the same features as Cydia, without letting you to jailbreak your iOS device. Tweakbox app store has a wide variety of apps, games, and softwares for the iOS users. Tweakbox has many subsidiary apps under it such as Tweakbox Apps, Flash Apps, Tweakbox Special, etc.

Download Tweakbox Deezer++

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS device and download Tweakbox app installer.
  • Go to “Settings” and then “General Settings” then “Device Management” then “Trust Tweakbox”.
  • Run the Tweakbox application. Search for “Deezer++” application there.
  • Download the Deezer++ application and play your favourite songs and music.

Your Deezer++ is ready to use!

Download Tweakbox

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