TweakBox Cash App

Most of the time it happens that you have bought something, but you don’t have enough money to pay. At this time, what will you do? Will you return home to take the money or use you device to pay the money easily? Yes, you can pay the money from your device in this generation. One of the e-money app, Cash app, lets you to pay money with ease and quickly to anyone you want. You can link you bank account with the app and can transact your payment directly through your bank account. Same case is with the money you receive as all the money will be credited directly to your bank account. This app has user friendly interface. To pay, simple and easy steps are need to be followed. You only have to link your bank account through you debit card and can pay to the desired person whom you want to pay, easily. It is a lovely app as it is fast, free and safe. It is safe in the sense that this app has a better maintenance privacy and do not let share your data with anyone. Transaction with this app is done quickly and it does this all for no cost. It is an absolutely free app with many rare and interesting features. This app, in comparison with other payment apps, has simpler controls. Continue reading

TweakBox for IOS 12.1

Tweakbox is a freeware app store, that contains many modified apps, which anyone can download and install. Moreover, you do not need of jailbreak or Cydia. It even consist of the popular electra jailbreak, which can be used to jailbreak your phone or iPad without the need of Cydia Impactor or PC.

Originally, Tweakbox is an app installer mainly for iOS, which can avail you the access to apps and games not found in Apple’s app store. The app store provides you with the original application, that are modified or tweaked to give users more varieties and features. Installing the apps by Tweakbox is simple, as for iOS 12.1, it holds the apps mostly. Continue reading

TweakBox Spotify

Tweakbox Spotify is a music streaming application developed for the music addicted people. This app allows you to listen to your favourite music anytime and anywhere. But it has a disadvantage as you cannot use all of its features for free. It asks $9.99 to let you use its premium features. Everyone cannot afford this price which compromises it with limited options. But, eventually now, you can enjoy its premium features without spending any money through its updated version,Tweakbox Spotify++. All you have to do is to just install this application from Tweakbox. Continue reading

Tweakbox For PC

Tweakbox does not need to be introduced since, the people who frequently downloads free apps and games knows what it is. However, this is a fabulous third party app store which gives freedom to its users to download all apps and games free of cost. It is one the most frequent downloaded app store, which had crossed 10,000 downloads as soon as it came out. Tweakbox, as it name suggests, gives the best tweaks available. Thus, you don’t need to browse all over the web to find the best tweaks. It contains all the trending games and one does not have to pay a single penny to download and play. No need to create an ID to download the apps and games. You just have to search and then can download the desired app. Another good thing about Tweakbox is that it does show any ads or any other unnecessary links. From all areas, Tweakbox is an apt app store which offers the user all the apps and you can download them with just few taps. Tweakbox provides an inbuilt cache cleaner and has no bugs which cleans all the excess space of the app automatically when it is running in the background. Continue reading


Tweakbox Apk version of the Tweakbox allows every Android user to get the access of a whole lot of tweaked and premium versions of apps and games. Tweakbox is one of the most popular third party application which downloads apps and games without jailbreaking the device, since many apps and games are there which need permissions to be accessible for downloading.. Tweakbox app is totally free of cost, i.e., not a single coin is spent in the process. Tweakbox apk has risen above other app downloaders like TuTuAPP, vShare, AppValley, etc. in no time. Continue reading

Tweakbox App

In today’s world, many apps are available in the market and many are not available in the app stores as well. In this blog, we will see about an application or what we call a third party app installer known as Tweakbox. It is one of the most used application in recent times.

It is the best application available which allows a person to download and install third party games and apps in one’s device without any hindrance. It is especially very helpful for iOS users as Apple will not allow its users to download and install apps from a third party source other than Apple Store. In such conditions, Tweakbox comes in handy, as it handles work without any stoppage even if the device isn’t jailbroken.

Tweakbox is the only third party app which allows you to download anything free of cost, even those which can be downloaded only by paying for it. Earlier, one could download third party apps only by jailbreaking the device and then to install Cydia. But, Tweakbox will install the desired app without jailbreaking. Within a few time, Tweakbox has crossed its competitors like TuTuAPP, vShare, AppValley, etc. Continue reading